What is a Smart Switch?

A Smart Switch is one that allows you to remotely control your Lighting or Blinds through your Cell Phone or through a Virtual Assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa .

Control remotely

In addition to providing a smart home experience, the Smartify Smart Switch offers remote control , allowing you to manage your lighting wherever you are.

Voice Commands via Google or Alexa

Did you know that with a virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa you can control the lights in your home with your voice ? All you need to do is create a scenario with your Smart Switch and the virtual assistant !

Tactile physical button in tempered glass

The digital button of the Smartify Light Switch has a modern design with tempered glass that, in addition to bringing elegance, also provides resistance and durability to the switch .

Did you know that you can turn off the night light from your switch?

Ideal for rest spaces!
Being able to turn off the night light integrated with the Smartify Smart Light Switch button is a detail that makes all the difference in your nighttime experience.


We have several models available so you can make your home Smart in the best way!

Whether in White or Black

With Single or Double Mirror

For Lights or Blinds

Scenario creation

Did you know that you can create scenarios that match your routine ?
Open the blinds at 8am , or program it so that when you walk in the hallway the light turns on with the help of a motion sensor !
And truth!
This is really possible !

Schedule schedule

Did you know that you can schedule times that suit your routine ? Turn on the lights at 5pm , or turn on the heater at 9am ! And truth! This is really possible !

Share Device Access

You can share access with the rest of the house to your Smart Devices so that all elements in the house can control the space in the best way.

Installation and Automation

Installing the Smartify Smart Light Switch is a simple and quick process that will change your lifestyle.

This process can be done by you or, if you prefer, by us. We have the installation and automation service at your disposal whenever you need it.