DS18B20 Temperature Probe

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DS18B20 Temperature Probe for Shelly Addon

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor It is a digital electronic component developed to be applied to the most diverse environments as it is able to measure temperature in moist places, including low water.
In order for the temperature sensor to go to operation, it is necessary to be connected to a prototyping platform, for example, Arduino or Raspberry PI.

This one DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Waterproof will allow measurements to wet and wet environments with just one wire interface!

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor It is quite accurate (± 0.5 ° C accuracy) and provides temperature readings of up to 12-bit (configurable) through a data connection of only 1 wire with its Arduino or Raspberry PI microcontroller, for example.

Product characteristics:
- Chip: DS18B20;
- Operation voltage: 3-5.5V;
- Measurement range: -55 ° C to +125 ° C;
- Precision: ± 0.5 ° C between -10 ° C and +85 ° C;
- Stainless steel tip;
- Steel tip dimension: 6 x 50mm;
- Cable dimension: 100cm;
- 1 wire interface.
- VCC: Red
- GND: Black
- Data: Yellow

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