Nuki Keypad 2.0 - Smart lock with code + digital printing



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Nuki Keypad 2.0 extension for Nuki Smart Lock with Digital Printing

Nuki Keypad 2.0 is a numerical keyboard to use with the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 It is Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro that allows you to open the door of your house with your fingerprint. It is designed to offer maximum safety and convenience. Nuki Keypad 2.0 has an elegant and modern design. It is also waterproof (certification IP54) and offers great durability with its long -term battery and low power consumption. It has an easy -to -use interface and allows you to program up to 200 individual codes and up to 20 fingerprints for guests, family members or even service providers. With Nuki Keypad 2.0 you can use Nuki Smart Lock without needs your mobile phone and you can make sure your whole family can get home quickly with your fingerprint.


Product Specifications:
Brand: Nuki
Model: Keypad 2.0
Food: 4 AAA batteries (included)
Black color
Dimension: 118 x 29 x 21 mm
Weight: 90 g
Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth range: ≤5m, depending on its installation
Operation Options: 6 -digit input codes

Code BARS: 9120072081941
Reference: NukikeyPad2



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