Omnitec DIGIT Intelligent Access Control for Bluetooth electric gate


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Omnitec Digit is the solution to have access control at the electric gate, controllable by PIN, proximity card, Bluetooth or remotely by Wifi via Gateway.

OMNITEC offers a range of access controls with numeric keypad opening, proximity card , Bluetooth or online , for doors with electric locks , garage doors, parking barriers, turnstiles, etc. Possibility to provide online functionalities to increase security and user control.

Connected to the electric door lock, access control with Digit keyboard allows the guest to open with the code and electronic key received on the smartphone after confirming the reservation.


  • PIN code, proximity card, Bluetooth and online, connected through Gateway.
  • Management with OS ACCESS software and Omnitec applications.
  • Guest opening via Bluetooth with Omnitec applications.
  • Bluetooth keys and numeric codes with temporal, cyclical, single-use or permanent validity.
  • Creation and cancellation of credentials and remote opening registration with connectivity via Gateway.
  • Elegant design with clean lines, aluminum case and methacrylate front.
  • Power: 12V - 3A.
  • 1 output relay.
  • Dimensions: 124 x 78 x 16mm.

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