Reed KMS-30 Opening and closing sensor for doors and windows


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Reed Switch SPST-NO magnetic switch 29x18.8x6.9mm - Gray - KMS-30

The Opening and Closing Sensor for Doors and Windows is a wired smart device that must be connected to the Shelly Add-on Plus . This set lets you know if the window or door has been opened or closed. It is driven by a magnetic field applied when the inner reeds make contact and complete an electrical circuit. It is designed to operate in a normally open (NO) configuration, meaning that in its normal state it does not conduct power and when closed it does. It is typically used in security systems, proximity sensors and automatic door controls.

Product characteristics:
Model: KMS-30
Weight: 154g
Gray color
Contact: NO (NC when activated by magnet)
Range 13...18mm
Dimensions 29 x 18.8 x 6.9 mm
Connection cable
2 component sensors
Switching current 500mA
Rating: IP68

Barcode: 0729208074605

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