Sonoff DS18B20 - RJ9 Waterproof Temperature Sensor / Sensor

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Sonoff Temperature Sensor DS18B20 

The DS18B20 temperature probe with waterproof RJ9 connector serves to measure the temperature of an environment (including aquatic media) simply and accurately.  

The DS18B20 temperature probe should be linked to a device that records readings such as: TH Origin 16a / 20a, Th elite 20a.

After placing the probe on a device, all settings and readings are associated with this device and can be used to create multiple scenarios to measure. For example, whenever the probe detects a temperature of the aquarium below in the 12ºC trigger the heater, among many other applications.


Product Specifications
Brand: Sonoff
Model: DS118B20 RJ9
Connectivity: RJ9
Cable Length: 50cm
Operating Temperature: -55ºC - +125ºC

Bar code:  6920075778069

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