Sonoff Pow Elite 20A - WiFi Smart Energy Module

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Sonoff Pow Elite 20a, an intelligent module

Sonoff Pow Elite, is a energy meter, common chip ESP32 very fast, and an LCD monitor, which can follow the power, current, the voltage of the applications in real time, the consumption of cumulative energy and Cut the current remotely.

Sonoff Pow Elite allows to verify the energy consumption data of the last 6 months, in which the data is exported to the Excel. Allows to define daily/monthly limits of energy consumption and when the consumer objective is achieved, it will receive a notification instantaneous.

Compatible with add-on ewelink, By signing the EWELINK ADVANCED PLAN, power elite is compatible with the IFTTT and EWELINK WEB CONTROL.
To better help you save energy use, Pow Elite joins Alexa's power panel, where you can view the power consumption of the general or individual device on the instrument panel.
Pow Elite increases the degree of security and decreases the fire risks With the PC V-0 Anti-Pin material, updated terminal alarms, and tin quantities.
Invest in this device, which you can control with the app ewelink, and that has a chip ESP32 super fast and efficient in Control of energy consumption!

Product Specifications:
Brand: Sonoff 
Name: Sonoff Pow Elite
Color: White
Entrance exit: Powr320d: 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz 20A Max
Enclosure material: PC V0
WiFi connection: IEEE 802.11 B/G/N 2.4GHZ
Dimensions: 98x 54x 31mm


Bar code: 6920075777505

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