Sonoff Module Switch - Zbmini R2 Zigbee

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 Sonoff Zbmini R2 Module Switch - Zigbee

Sonoff ZB Mini R2 is a two -way smart switch that supports the
Zigbee wireless communication protocol is compatible with different hubs, including Sonoff Zbbridge, Amazon Hub, Samsung Smartthings Hub and Philips Hub. The Zigbee 3.0 protocol causes Zbmini and Zigbee Bridge to rapidly.
With an app on your mobile phone, you will be able to control the lights and set timing to turn them on or turn them on automatically and can also use voice commands through Alexa.
Supports interconnection with other Sonoff devices which allows, for example, turning on the lights when a motion sensor is activated or a door is open.

Zbmini is safe to use in your home due to its construction with fire proof materials and delayed flames. In addition, the AES-128 encryption ensures that security is extended to the privacy of the data sent/received by the device.
Zbmini also act as Routers Zigbee to help transmit the Zigbee signal between various devices and ensure a stable connection throughout your home.

Product characteristics:
Product Type: Intelligent two -way Zigbee switch
Input: 100-240v Ca 50/60Hz
Output: 100-240v Ca 50/60Hz
Zigbee: IEEE 802.15.4 2.4Ghz
Max. Load: 10a
Material: PC
Certified Conformity: FCC, CE, Zigbee Alliance
Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smarthings, Yandex Alice
Dimensions: 48 × 46 × 30 mm

Reference: SNZBMINI
Bar code: 6920075776133 | 8434388278157

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