In addition to onboarding , Smartify also has key services to make your accommodation more sought after and appreciated by guests.

Smartify local hosting management - Areas to be managed

SEO-friendly ads

Smartify's knowledge of SEO allows us to create ads that will boost your accommodation's visibility. This way, you will reach more potential guests on search engines. You'll increase your conversion rate with ads that stand out from the competition.

price optimization

We use your data and that of the competition to do advanced analysis, in order to strategically adjust prices to attract more guests. Thus, we manage to maximize your earnings, making the most of your accommodation.

Guest acquisition and verification

We capture and verify guests to ensure the quality of your experience. Smartify has rigorous processes to attract guests who will use your space with respect, verifying their identity and history.

reservation management

We efficiently manage local accommodation reservations to make your life easier. Smartify accompanies the process from start to finish, from receiving requests to confirming and organizing details.

Communication with guests

Smartify handles all communication with guests so they feel supported at all times. We answer any question, provide information and solve any problems that may arise. Our agile and friendly communication ensures a positive experience for guests, creating bonds of trust and satisfaction.

local tips

We share exclusive local tips with guests so they can explore the best places in the region. We help guests discover local treasures and make the most of their stay, leaving them with a sense of well-being and adventure.


We provide quality toiletries to ensure a safe and comfortable stay. From bath products to essentials, we take care of the details so guests feel cared for.

Bed linen and towels

Smartify provides high quality bed linen and towels to provide maximum comfort during guests' stay. We guarantee the freshness and cleanliness of our products, so that you can feel pampered throughout your stay.

permanent maintenance

We carry out continuous maintenance services to ensure that your accommodation is always in excellent condition. From small repairs to preventive maintenance, we take care of everything so that you and your guests enjoy a worry-free stay

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