Let Smartify manage your local hosting. Increase your income while decreasing your workload.

We have varied services in different aspects with the possibility of completely personalized combinations to your needs and your accommodation. We manage properties for you for short, medium and long term stays.

What can you count on us

Why choose Smartify?

satisfied guests

Smartify ensures that each guest feels welcomed and comfortable, providing quick responses to their needs and concerns. We are dedicated to making your stay memorable and rewarding in order to earn exceptional reviews.

full services

The variety of services we offer will cover all aspects of having a pleasant, clean, safe and monitored property. Smartify simplifies this entire process so you can enjoy the benefits of your hosting without any worries.

Maximize your income

Increase your rental income by up to 60% without lifting a finger. You will find that your property can shine and attract more guests. With Smartify you will boost the profitability of your property without doing anything.

Ask for your budget now!

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smartify mobile number

+351 93 223 30 33



Fixed value with 6 months loyalty.


accommodation management

Variable value of the billing percentage, depending on the services requested.

Between 15% to 25%