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At Smartify, we want to help you make your home smarter and more comfortable . We offer free remote quotes for a wide range of services, from electrical installations to device configuration and creating custom automations . In addition, we have special discounts for large purchase volumes , ensuring that you get the best solution at the best price .

What services do we have?

What do we need to budget?

  1. Desired products : Indicate the products you want to install or automate. If you don't know which product is best for you, tell us what you want to automate!

  2. Quantities: Tell us the quantity of each product required.

  3. Images of the current space: Send us photos of the space where the installation or automation will be carried out.

  4. Installation address: To calculate the distance the technician will have to travel.

If you are not sure of any of these points, get in touch with us and we will help you to understand what is ideal for you!

How long does it take to be processed?
The free quote only takes 24 business hours to be sent to you! In addition to quickly knowing what the value of your work will be, you are also assured that this budget does not have any kind of commitment.

Why choose Smartify?
Our specialized team is ready to guide you and provide solutions adapted to your needs. Take this opportunity to improve your home with Smartify's smart home automation.

Don't waste time and reach a new level of comfort and efficiency. We look forward to hearing your ideas and offering you the best solution to make your home smarter than ever!

This solution is advantageous for both individuals and companies , adapting its benefits and practicality to each case.

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