Facilitated Local Accommodation

Nuki allows your guests to check in on their own. This makes it easier to manage your accommodation.

With Nuki Smart Hosting you can send digital keys directly to your guests from your Property Management System (PMS). Fully automated and time- efficient platform.

Less complications. More efficiency.

Let Nuki handle the delivery of the "keys".
Fully automatic and highly convenient.

Compatible with the biggest platforms

Automates the delivery of "keys"

You can connect your Nuki directly to systems like Airbnb, Smoobu, Guesty and many more.

If the reservation is changed , the access permission is also automatically adjusted.
After check-out , your guests' entry code automatically expires.

Intelligent Integration with Systems

With our partners' integrations, you can have everything in one place .
This way you can synchronize your reservations and simplify processes .


SMARTIFY in partnership with NUKI offers all its customers the 1st free year of SMART HOSTING


€69 / Year / Nuki Smart Lock
From the 2nd Year onwards (1st Year free with SMARTIFY).

Discount code 1st Year Free

To access your discount code , call us on 93 223 30 33 or send an email to Nuki@smartify.pt to request the code.

Automated Access Management

Connect Nuki to Airbnb, Smoobu or another PMS and automatically distribute entry codes. Invest 15 minutes in installing and configuring the Nuki lock and save several hours of work.

24/7 self-check-in

Allow your guests to check in and out on their own 24 hours a day and use their time for more important things. The Nuki app always shows whether your guests have checked in or whether the door is securely locked.

Digital Keys

With Nuki you can assign access permissions to your guests or service providers digitally. It's not like keys that can be lost. Save your time and money on duplicate keys and lack of security in the future.

Positive reviews

Improve your guest experience and reviews with 24-hour self-service check-in, no waiting time. Offer your guests a stress-free holiday.

Partner integrations and open API

Get access to many integrations like Airbnb, Smoobu, Guesty etc. With the open API you can integrate Nuki directly into your booking processes.

Nuki Premium Support

If you need assistance, the Nuki Support Team will prioritize your request. Receive premium support within 3 hours.

Warranty Extension

Take advantage of the 3-year warranty for your Nuki Smart Lock. Defects in materials and workmanship are also covered.

How it works:

  1. Installs the Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge or Nuki Pro Smart Lock
  2. Create a Nuki Web account and link your Lock
  3. Connect your system (e.g. Airbnb account) through Nuki Web integration
  4. Assign the Nuki lock to the listing
  5. Your guests will automatically receive entry codes directly through your management system

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