Onboarding for local accommodation management

Professional photography

Highlights the unique essence of your property. At Smartify, We capture impressive images that enhance every special detail of your space. Irresistibly attracts the potential guests, showing the authentic charm of your accommodation.

Insertion on platforms

We publicize your property on more than 30 platforms, increasing the chances of finding perfect guests and successfully filling out. Thus, we maximize the opportunities for occupying your space.

Automated check in/out

The entry is made with a single code restricted to the stay time through a numeric keyboard or or app on the mobile phone. This code is generated by a client, eliminating the need for a check-in and in-person check-out for customer comfort and convenience.

Total access of your property

The owner will have control over the availability of local accommodation, allowing him to reserve dates for personal enjoyment whenever possible and necessary, in advance.


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