Ajax Proximity card ID RFID MIFARE DESFire Black - Ajax PASS B


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MIFARE DESFire 13.56MHz RFID ID proximity card compatible with Ajax KeyPad Plus - black - Ajax PASS B 

The MIFARE DESFire 13.56MHz RFID Proximity ID Card, compatible with the Ajax KeyPad Plus in black (Ajax PASS B) , is a secure access control device. It uses MIFARE DESFire RFID technology for authentication, offering high security of encrypted data. This card allows access to restricted areas and security systems when brought close to the reader, providing convenience and efficiency in authorizing entry. Its black color may indicate higher authorization levels.

Product characteristics:
Brand: AJAX
Model: Ajax PASS B
Product color: Black
RFID technology: Mifare DESFire® (ISO 14443-А 13.56 MHz)
Compatibility: Compatible with Ajax KeyPad Plus
Maximum quantity. pass according to Hub: 50 (Hub 2), 99 (Hub Plus), 200 (Hub 2 Plus)
Maximum quantity. of linked hubs: Up to 13 Hubs
Temp. operating: -10ºC ~ 40ºC
Dimensions: 86 (H) x 54 (Lg) x 0.8 (Fd) mm
Weight: 6g

Included :
1 x Ajax PASS B

Barcode: 4820246099257
Reference: AJPSBPR

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