Ajax Flood Sensor 868MHz White - Ajax LEAKSPROTECT

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868MHz Flood Detector in White - Ajax LEAKSPROTECT

Ajax LEAKSPROTECT (White) is a water leak detection sensor designed to provide advanced protection against damage caused by infiltration. Integ uses dedicated sensors to detect the presence of water in specific areas.

With radio frequency (RF) wireless communication, LEAKSPROTECT-W easily connects to the central hub of the Ajax system. Leak detection immediately triggers an alert, sent to the hub , which, in turn, notifies users in real time through mobile applications or other configured means.

Remote monitoring via mobile application provides users with the convenience of checking the status of LEAKSPROTECT even when they are away from the monitored location. Powered by long-lasting batteries, the sensor offers a low-maintenance solution.

Allows connection to an alarm system other than AJAX using the Alarm Integration Module - OCBRIDGEPUS

Characteristics :
Brand: Ajax
Frequency: 868MHz Jeweler
Transmission distance: =<1000m in open space
Power: 2 AAA batteries
Operating temperature: 0..50ºC
Finishing material: ABS plastic
Protection index: IP65
Dimensions: 60x60x14mm

Included :
1 x Ajax LEAKSPROTECT in White
1 x Intrusion Manual

Barcode: 856963007170
Reference: AJLEAKSBR

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