Ajax Double Curtain Pir Detector for Alarm - Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

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Double curtain pir detector for ajax alarm - ajax dualcurtain

Ajax DualCurtain is a high performance safety sensor designed for outdoor environments. Its advanced technology ensures precise detection of intrusions thanks to the automatic intrusion and theft detection system. This intelligent system thoroughly analyzes changes in the environment, distinguishing between real events and fake alarms, ensuring reliable protection against unwanted threats. With Ajax DualCurtain, you can have peace of mind when protecting your home or business against intrusions and theft.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Ajax
Model: Ajax DualCurtain
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Power supply: 2 batteries CR123A 3.0 V
Degree of Security: Grade 2
Technology: double curtain pir with each side
Detection field: 4 ~ 15 m / 6º h / vertical cover according to settings
Detection Range: Configurable on the device (4 ~ 15m by side)
Detection Area: Left and / or right (configurable in the application)
Next Angle Detection: Available (Configurable on Device)
Slope Tilt Detection: 0º or 3º (configurable on the device)
Frequency: Jeweller 868 MHz
Transmission Distance: ≤ 1700 m in open space
Masking: Available (on both sides)
Adjustable sensitivity.: 3 levels (high, medium, low)
Opening Anti-Vilation: Available
Indication LEDs: alarm, violation, signal
Compatibility: Compatible with ajax hub plus, hub 2, hub 2 plus y rex (fw 2.11 the upper)
Food: 2 Batteries CR123A 3.0 V (approximate duration of 3 years)
Temp. Working: -25 C ~ 60 C
Degree of Protection: IP54
Dimensions: 174 (AL) X 123 (AN) X 88 (FO) MM

1 x siren ajax Dualcurtain
1 x Assembly support
4 x screws and bushings
1 x Instructions Manual 

Bar code:  4823114017353
Reference: Ajdlctbr

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