Ajax HUB Professional alarm control Black Jeweler

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Ajax HUB Professional alarm control Black Jeweler

Discover Ajax HUB, a control center used in Ajax Systems security and home automation systems. It allows communication and monitoring of devices such as alarm sensors, cameras and other smart devices for home protection and automation. It has an Automatic Intrusion and Theft Detection System (SADIR), which is a security system to detect and alert you to intrusions or violations in your home.

Product specifications:
Brand: Ajax
Product: Ajax HUB
Communication: Ethernet / GPRS
Length: 19-22cm
Width: 19-22cm
Height: 3-4cm
Shape: Square
Product color: Black
Connectivity technology: Wireless

Security grade: Grade 2
RF Frequency: 868MHz Jeweler protocol
Internal security: Anti-opening lid
Maximum number of equipment: 100
Number of users: up to 50
Material: ABS plastic
Power: 110-250VAC / 50/60Hz
Operating temperature: 0-50ºC

Included :
1 x Ajax HUB
1 x User guide
1 x Power cable

Barcode: 0856963007088
Reference: AJHUBPR

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