Ajax Jeweller Movement Detector - White MotionProtect

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Bidirectional pir detector 868MHz for ajax alarm - motionprotect -motion protection - white

The 868MHz Bidirectional Pir Detector for Ajax Alarm, known as MotionProtect, is a security device that offers precise detection of movement in residential and commercial environments. It has an automatic intrusion and theft detection system. It stands out for bidirectional communication, extended coverage, masking protection and resistance to pets. The installation is simple, with long -term batteries, and the device is fully integrable with the Ajax system, allowing advanced customization and control via mobile application. It is a reliable choice to reinforce security against intrusions.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Ajax
Product: Ajax MotionProtect
Technology: Volumetric Pir
Degree of Security: Grade 2
PIR lens: 24 zones and 6 plans
Detection field: 12m / h: 88.5º / V: 80º / Installation 2.4m
Frequency: 868MHZ Jeweller
Transmission Distance: = <2000m in open space
Immune to domestic animals: = <20kg, = <50cm
Sensitivity: Adjustable: 3 levels (low, medium and high)
LEDS Indication: Alarm, Tamper, Signal
Food: 1 battery CR123A 3.0V 
Temp. operation:  0..50ºC
Finishing Material: ABS Plastic
Connectivity: 868MHz wires
Dimensions: 110x65x50mm

1 x Pir motionprotect detector
1 x Pile  CR123A 3.0V
1 x Instruction Manual

Bar Code: 4823114015328
Reference: AJMTPRTBO

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