Ajax Movement Detector - MotionProtectPlus Black



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Bidirectional pir detector 868MHz for ajax alarm - Motion Protect Plus -Protection Movement - Black

The 868MHz Bidirectional Pir Detector for Ajax Alarm, known as MotionProtectPlus, is a security device that offers precise detection of movement in residential and commercial environments. Now equipped with a microwave sensorIt has an automatic intrusion and theft detection system. It stands out for bidirectional communication, extended coverage, masking protection and resistance to pets. The installation is simple, with long -term batteries, and the device is fully integrable with the Ajax system, allowing advanced customization and control via mobile application. It is a reliable choice to reinforce security against intrusions.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Ajax
Product: Ajax MotionProtectPlus
Technology: Volumetric PIR and Microwave Sensor (24 GHz)
Degree of Security: Grade 2
PIR lens: 24 zones and 6 plans
Detection field: 12m / h: 88.5º / V: 80º / Installation 2.4m
Frequency: 868MHZ Jeweller
Transmission Distance: = <2000m in open space
Immune to domestic animals: = <20kg, = <50cm
Sensitivity: Adjustable: 3 levels (low, medium and high)
LEDS Indication: Alarm, Tamper, Signal
Food: 1 battery CR123A 3.0V 
Temp. operation:  0..50ºC
Finishing Material: ABS Plastic
Connectivity: 868MHz wires
Dimensions: 110x65x50mm

1 x Pir motionprotect detector
1 x Pile CR123A 3.0V
1 x Instruction Manual

Bar code: 856963007217

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