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Amazon Echo Pop in Lavender with Virtual Assistant Alexa

Echo Pop is an intelligent compact column, equipped with the Virtual Assistant Alexa, which offers a powerful sound for small spaces. The column allows, through voice control, make various requests such as researching something on the internet, playback of music, seeing meteorology and more.

Asks Alexa, through Echo Pop, to define TEMPORIZERS, schedule schedules, calls and much more. Echo Pop also prioritizes your privacy, offering a button to Turn off the microphone whenever you want.

Across Bluetooth You can transmit audio directly from your mobile phone. In addition, you can easily manage compatible intelligent devices and access a wide variety of Alexa skills.

This device was conceived with the sustainability in mind, using recycled materials for fabric and packaging. So you can enjoy technology more responsible.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Amazon
Model: Echo Pop
Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth
Compatibility with Smart Houses: Amazon Alexa, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh and Matter Controller.
Dimensions: 99 x 83 x 91mm
Weight: 196g
Audio: 49.5 mm frontal altifalage, high definition without loss
Energy consumption (typical): 15 W

1x Amazon Echo Pop
1x Instruction Manual

Bar Code: 840268913489
Reference: Amechoplv

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