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Echo Studio - Smart Speaker with High Definition Audio and Alexa Alexa Integrated

Immersive Sound: 5 high speakers that produce powerful bass, dynamic mid-range and sharp sharp. Dolby Atmos technology provides perception of space, clarity and depth.
Control music with your voice only: ask Alexa to play a song, artist or genre in Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify Premium, Deezer and more. With Amazon Music Unlimited, enjoy access to 75 million songs in high quality audio formats such as HD or Ultra HD, and select songs in space audio formats like Dolby Atmos.
Always ready to help: Alexa to play music, read news and answer your questions.
Adaptation to any environment: Echo Studio automatically identifies the acoustics of its space and makes the continuous breeding adjustment to offer the best sound experience.
Integrated Intelligent Home Hub: Ask Alexa to control Zigbee compatible devices.
Keep contact: Make calls to the Alexa app or other compatible echo devices using the voice command. Send notices to other Echo devices in your home.
Developed to protect your privacy: with multiple layers of privacy protection, including a button that electronically disconnects microphones.


Reference: Azaxestudio
Bar Code: 810014309118

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