Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite 2022 (2nd generation)


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The new version of the popular Amazon Stick - Fire Tv Stick Lite 2022

Get ready for the opportunity to experience a powerful processor of brand Amazon compatible with Wifi network and the Remote Control (without contact with the smartphone) with the support of voice commands via Alexa.

A product that provides images in Full HD quality!

can connect with the Alexa system through your voice, and the system will help you search for your favorite movies and series on your TV by clicking on the control button , since, the TV will have Enough capacity in storage space, for apps and games . Soon, you have the opportunity to control your TV, soundbar or receiver compatible with a product that still offers access to some of the most popular entertainment platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Music , and that promises high sound quality , due to Dolby Atmos technology, and image quality, displaying contents in Full HD compatible with HDR.

Installation is simple, placing the Fire Stick Lite directly on your television via the HDMI input and plugging it into an outlet.

Do not miss this unique opportunity that brings you facilities in your home in the area of ​​leisure, with a remote system that you can control efficiently, personalized and powerfully on your TV, with access to a good Full HD picture quality and good sound quality!

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