Anker Everfrost Powered Coller 30 Portable Refrigerator (33L)


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Anker Everfrost Powered Coller 30 Portable Refrigerator (33 Liters)

The Anker Everfrost Powered Cooler 30 Portable Cooler is the ideal companion for all your adventures. This equipment from Anker offers a remarkable capacity of 33 liters , ensuring that you never lack space to keep your food and drinks fresh wherever you go.

With a temperature range ranging from -20 to 20ºC , the Anker Everfrost adapts to all your needs, from keeping ice solid to preserving the freshness of perishable foods. Furthermore, its 299Wh lithium-ion battery provides an impressive autonomy of 42 hours , being rechargeable in several ways: via a car charger in just 2.6 hours , through a conventional socket in 4 hours , with solar energy in 3 .6 hours at 100W , or via the USB-C input in just 5.8 hours .

Imagine exploring the great outdoors, camping under the stars or having a picnic by the beach, and being assured that your food will stay fresh the whole way. The Anker Everfrost is more than just a portable refrigerator ; It's the freedom to enjoy special moments, knowing that you have your store of freshness ready. Don't let a lack of refrigeration compromise your experiences – invest in Anker Everfrost and take the coolness with you, wherever life takes you.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Anker
Product: Anker Everfrost Powered Coller 30 Portable Refrigerator
Model: 43 Liters

Temperature range: -20 to 20ºC
Dimensions: 742 × 430 × 487 mm
Weight with battery: 22.2kg
Weight without battery: 20kg

Weight: 2.2kg
Capacity: 299Wh
Battery Type: NCM/lithium-ion
Charging input: 95W
Auto charger input: 95W
Solar input: 100W
USB-C input: 60W
USB-A output: 2x12W
USB-C output: 1x60W
Usage time: 42 hours

Charging time (0-80%):
Car charger: 2.6 hours
Taken: 2.6 hours
100 W Solar: 2.3 hours
60W USB-C: 4 hours

Charging time (0-100%):
Car charger: 4 hours
Taken: 4 hours
100W Solar: 3.6 hours
60W USB-C: 5.8 hours


1 x Anker EverFrost 30 Refrigerator
1 x AC Charger (95W)
1 x Car charging cable (12V)
1 x Solar cable (XT60)
1 x Cooling Basket
1 x 299Wh rechargeable battery
1 x Instruction Manual

Barcode: 194644126353
Reference: ANKERAFPPC30

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