Shelly EM + 2 Cores 50A WiFi Module

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Shelly EM combo + 2 Cores 50A

Dual consumption meter module for Wifi automation - Shelly EM

With Shelly EM you can monitor consumption of any household appliance, electrical circuit or office equipment (lighting, outlets, security systems, heaters, air conditioners, etc.) individually. This compact device works through wifi so you can monitor everything through your smartphone easily.

Core 50 Amps - Current measurement core for Shelly EM

This amperometric core of 50 amps connects to the Shelly EM module to measure current of a phase wire and you can follow the measurements from the Shelly Cloud application.

1x - Shelly EM
2x - Core 50A

Barcode: 0729208074582
Reference: SHEM250A

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