Ecoflow Delta 2 Max - Extra Battery


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Ecoflow Delta 2 Max Battery - Extra Battery

Delta 2 Max 2400W Generator - EU Version

The Delta 2 Max's Extra battery maximizes and Optimize your power supply with the Delta 2 Max generator. Equipped with a LiFePO4 battery and capacity expansion, it offers exceptional reliability for all your essential devices. With a power of 2400W and expandable capacity to 6144Wh, it is ideal for a variety of devices, from smartphones to refrigerators. Plus, with X-Stream technology for fast charging and advanced solar panel input, it's the perfect choice for sustainable energy anywhere.

Product characteristics :
Brand: Ecoflow
Model: Ecoflow Delta 2 Max extra battery
Type: LFP 
Dimensions: 49.7 cm x 24.2 cm x 30.5 cm
Net weight: 12kg
AC Input: 220-240V
XT60 500W/11-60V Solar Input - Dual Port 1000W
Capacity: 1024Wh (51.2V × 20Ah)
USB outputs: 2 x USB-A: 5V up to 2.4A (12W max.)
2 x USB fast charge port: 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A
2 x USB-C Port: 5/9/12/15/ 20V 5A (100W max.)
Cycle life: 3000 cycles up to 80%
IP rating: IP65

1x - AC charging cable
1x - 12V car charging cable
1x - Instruction Manual

Barcode: 4895251604789

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