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The industry's first robotic lawnmower - Ecoflow BLADE Robotic Lawnmower

The Ecoflow BLADE is a high-tech robotic lawnmower designed to simplify your lawn maintenance. It has an advanced navigation system based on GPS technology and sensors that allow the mower to operate autonomously without human supervision. It covers large areas without the need for frequent recharging and has a rain sensor that takes you back to the charging base in case of precipitation. In addition, the EcoFlow BLADE has an adjustable cutting height of 20-60 mm and a mulching function that cuts the grass into fine pieces for even distribution and healthy growth.

  • Wireless virtual boundary setting technology for easy setting of your garden boundaries via the EcoFlow app

  • Ability to avoid obstacles with advanced X-Vision technology, visual sensors and LiDAR

  • RTK real-time positioning technology for precise re-routing to avoid getting stuck or missing cuts

  • Option to attach lawn sweeping kit to remove unwanted debris such as leaves and twigs

  • Burglary tracking with 4G, GPS and a built-in eSIM, plus auto-lock feature

  • Easy to clean and maintain with built-in rain sensor, IPX5 water resistance and lifetime free accessories

  • 4-year warranty on Ecoflow and dedicated support team via in-app chat

Product characteristics:
Product Type: Robotic Lawn Mower
Net weight: 16.2 kg / 36 lbs
Dimensions: <660*440*310 mm
IP rating: IPX5
Battery life: 120 min, more than 400 ㎡
Sensors: IMU sensor, elevation sensor, rain sensor, route encoder, LIDAR sensor, camera
Cutting width: 260mm
Cutting height: 20-76 mm
Climbing capacity: 27°
Vertical obstacle climbing: 40mm
Reload time: 130 min
GNSS operating mode: GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS
Bluetooth channel: 2400-2483.5MHz
Charging station input voltage: 36V
Charging station input current: 5A
Charging station output voltage: 25.2V DC Max
Charging station output current: 7A max.

Scanning kit not included, to be purchased separately

1x EcoFlow Blade
1x Charging Station
1x Power Adapter
1x GNSS Antenna
1x Quick Start Guide

Reference: EFBLADE
Barcode: 4895251604451

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