Ecoflow Delta 2 - Extra battery

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Extra Battery for Ecoflow Delta 2

You can turn on the extra battery from Ecoflow Delta 2, to an intelligent generator Ecoflow Delta 2 to have an expandable capacity of a maximum of 1024Wh for 2048Wh or 3040Wh respectively with one or two Extra batteries, keeping your home ready for an emergency situation or trying to achieve energy independence.
The recharge is convenient with Delta 2 and its extra battery can charge and unload in unison.
Recharging through solar panels, AC socket or a smart generator is simple and practical. You can load with Delta 2 0-80% , in 70 minutes, and 0-100% with AC entry in 120 minutes. The use of X-STREAM TECHNOLOGY Allows ultra -rare loading.
It can still have extra storage for accessories economically, with home or moving space, and various food devices. 
Ecoflow Delta 2 stands out in a growing market with an outlet of 1800W AC which is more than enough to perform a small production including lighting, cameras, and the workstation. 
Ecoflow Delta 2 has a LFP battery with Potential to be recharged 3,000 times.
An advanced protection system BMS (Battery Management System) is included to ensure high quality battery protection, which has a safe energy supply. 
The battery has a guarantee of five years. 

Product Specifications:
Brand: Ecoflow
Name: Ecoflow Delta 2 - Extra battery
Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth
Nominal Power: 2048Wh to 3040Wh
Capacity: 1024 WHh
Extra: Supports an Extra Delta 2 battery or Extra Delta Max battery
CA output: 4 sockets, total of 1800W (appears 2700W)
Maximum power of the device (s) (with x-bost): 2400 W USB-A output: 2 ports, 5v, 2.4a, 12W max
USB-A charging: 2 ports, 5 V, 2.4 to / 9 V, 2 to / 12 V, 1.5 to, 18 W max.
USB-C output: 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5a, 100w max.
Car output from the car: 1 door, 12.6 V, 10 to, 126 W max.
DC5521 output: 2 doors, 12.6 V, 3 to, 38 W max.
CA loading: 1200 W

Bar Code: 4897082668688


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