EcoFlow PowerStream 800W WiFi Microinverter


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EcoFlow PowerStream Micro Inverter - Works with all EcoFlow Portable Power Stations - EcoFlow

EcoFlow PowerStream is a compact and convenient solution that combines a portable power station, solar panels , the EcoFlow Smart Plug and a real-time energy monitoring application. Allows you to store excess energy during the day, significantly reducing your energy bills.

With the EcoFlow PowerStream solar system for balconies, you can achieve energy independence, especially during peak periods. Through real-time monitoring , you can monitor the solar energy captured, the amount saved and understand your energy consumption.

The EcoFlow PowerStream system's smart plugs monitor your appliances' energy consumption, optimizing the allocation of electricity and redirecting surplus to the power station. In addition, installation is simplified with a flat cable that connects the solar panels to the microinverter, without the need for drilling or causing damage.

Product characteristics:
Brand: EcoFlow
Model: EcoFlow PowerStream Microinverter
Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth
Application: EcoFlow ( Android , iOS )
Compatibility: All EcoFlow portable power stations
Dimension: 242*169*33 (mm)
Weight: 3kg
Ingress protection rating: IP67
DC input output: 800W
Max. input voltage Input voltage: 55Vd.c. (PV port)/ 59Vd.c. (DC port)
Maximum input current: 13 A
Mains connected AC output: 800W/600W
Max current AC Output Current: 3.7A/2.8A
Max power Charge and discharge power: 600W
Charging voltage: 30 - 58 Vd.c.

1x EcoFlow PowerStream Microinverter
1x BKW-AC Cable
1x BKW-Solar Cable

Barcode: 4895251606622

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