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EcoFlow Balcony solar panel frame with hooks for secure installation

The EcoFlow Balcony Frame with Hook Kit is a specialized solution designed to facilitate the installation and secure attachment of solar panels to balconies. With its innovative design and robust components, this kit offers a convenient and reliable way to harness solar energy in urban environments.

By utilizing your balcony space, you can now generate sustainable electricity while enjoying the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Product characteristics:
Brand: EcoFlow
Model: EcoFlow Balcony Hook Kit
Net weight: 3.2kg
Pack dimensions: 1225 × 145 × 60 mm
Load capacity: 30kg
Wind resistance grade: 10
Black color

1x components for installation
1x fixing the solar panels on the railings of the balconies

Reference: EFBALCONY
Barcode: 4895251606653

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