Ecoflow Power Kits Battery - 51.2V / 105AH / 5120WH

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Ecoflow Power Kits Power Hub-51.2V / 105AH / 5120Wh

There are two types of Ecoflow LFP battery, 5kwh LFP battery It is 2kwh battery LFP, this being the model of 5kwh. Both use the safest and more reliable type of iron lithium phosphate pile (Lifepo4 or LFP).

Has a system incorporated Battery management, which maintains the system operating in the best possible conditions through weather conditions, increasing battery life. It also has an incorporated self -adherence system to ensure that the battery can be safely and quickly charged at temperatures between -20 ° C to 50 ° C.

Depending on the chosen model, you can gather up to 3 equal batteries to increase the desired capacity, ie: 2/4 or 6 kWh or 5/10 or 15 kWh.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Ecoflow
Model: Powerkits 5kwh LFP Battery
Weight: 44.4 kg
Dimensions: 500 x 260 x 300 mm
Capacity: 5120Wh (100Ah)
Voltage: 51.2V
Configuration: 16s1p
Loading cutting voltage: 57.6V
Discharging cutting voltage: 40V
Maximum continuous loading current: 80a
Maximum continuous unloading current: 100a
Battery Chemistry: Lifepo4
Life cycles: Hold on 3500 full cycles without less than 80% of life
Water Protection Level: IP54
Embedded heater
Hotswap: Yes
Protection: BMS, Overvoltage, Subtension, Overcurrent, Overocketing, Upgrading 


Bar Code: 4897082668831
Reference: EFZMM100BP5

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