Ecoflow Smart Distribution Panel for Power Kits


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Ecoflow Power Kits Smart Distribution Panel

The Ecoflow Power Kits Smart Distribution Panel allows you to control system power, sharing it safely with each of your devices.

Setting up power couldn't be easier with a simple and intuitive installation. All cables included in Kits are marked ensuring installation is quick and effortless.

Customize your own wattage with modifiable fuses. The user decides how the power is shared, because 6 of the DC fuses can be customized and managed via the panel or the EcoFlow application .

Product Specifications:

Brand: Ecoflow
Model: Power Kits AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel
Dimensions: 211 x 353 x 99 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: 2.6kg
Protection Level: IP21
Testing and Certifications: UL Standard, FCC, PSE
Operating temperature (C): -25℃-60℃
AC main input: 30A max 120V, 3600W
DC main input: 70A max
AC Output: 6 AC Positions, 20A max each
DC Output: 12 fused DC Positions (6 Positions controllable via Power Kit Console & Ecoflow App)

Barcode: 4897082669210
Reference: EFZMM100LDEU

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