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The Ecoflow smart panel allows you to connect up to two Ecoflow Delta Pro devices so that they can control the energy flow to your home.
You can use the EcoFlow application  which allows you to monitor and control energy in your home. The application provides real-time measurements and allows peak rates, consuming the panel with low rates.
The DELTA Pro leads the industry when it comes to AC output and has a portable generator that can power heavy appliances like dryers and AC units.
Make your home more ecological with  Smart Home Panel connecting to solar energy through the solar panels that can power your Ecoflow Delta Pro !
Have 100% renewable energy in your electrical outlets and lighting , and be self-sufficient in energy terms!

Load information:
With the Smart Home Panel, loads are installed efficiently with energy management. You should consider lighting and power areas , such as refrigerators, and choose a maximum of 10 loads of your protection panel based on their efficiency.
Determine the number and current rating of the load circuits you will connect, and consult an electrician if you need support.
Finally, determine the relay modules . You can choose the relay module that matches the current rating for the circuit breaker for that load circuit. Recommended relay modules for EU regions are 13A and 16A.
Ideal for when there is a power outage or for regular use, to save on your electricity bills.
Its installation is simple, in that after consulting your electrician and determining your backup loads, installation and replacement of relay modules can be done with ease.
Smart Home Panel can connect your home with maximum 10 internal circuits for different comparisons of connected electrical current!

Product Specifications:
Brand: Ecoflow
Name: ECOFLOW Smart Home Panel

AC Output: 3600 W (7200 W peak)
Maximum load: 4500 W
Battery Capacity: 3016 Wh
AC output sockets: 4
Number of Type-C Ports: 2
No. of output ports: 14
Full charge time per current: 1.9 hours
Full charge time per solar panel: 2.8-5.6 hours
Charging input for solar panels: 1600 W
Wifi Function: Yes
Bluetooth Function: Yes
Product dimensions: 63.5 x 28.4 x 42 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Cell type: LFP

Life: 6,500 cycles at 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles at 80% capacity
AC outputs (×4): 230V/16A
USB-A outputs (×2): 12W 5V, 2.4A per port
USB-A fast charge (×2): 18W, 5V, 2.4A/9V, 2A/12V, 1.5A per port
USB-C output (×2): 100W, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A per port
Anderson output (×1): 12.6 V, 30 A
Car power (×1): 126W, 12.6V/10A
DC5521 Outputs (x2): 38 W, 12.6 V, 3 A per port
AC input load power: Max 4500W X-Stream load
Solar Charging Input: 1600W 11-100V 15A Max
Car charging input: 112V/24V, 8A

DC5521-DC5525 cable
MC4 Solar Charging Cable for XT60

Charging cable 1.5m - 230V AC
Car charging cable 1.5m - 12V DC
1x EcoFlow Smart Home Panel
8x relay module (13A)
5x relay module (16A)

Barcode: 4897082666530

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