Ecoflow Mounting bracket for 28'' solar panels


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EcoFlow mounting bracket for 28'' solar panels with adjustable tilt.

The Ecoflow 28'' Tilt Mount is a durable and versatile accessory that increases the energy efficiency of your Ecoflow solar panels . At 28 inches long, this tiltable stand can be mounted to various surfaces and is easy to install. Plus, it guarantees reliable performance for years. The support also offers more security and ease of access. You can place it on various surfaces such as walls, posts and tree trunks. It is made with high-quality materials and withstands harsh weather conditions with reliable performance for years.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Ecoflow
Dimensions: 28''Long Rails
Stand weight: 1.81 kg
Supporting solar panel: between 100~200W
Designed for: off-grid/on-grid solar systems
Usage: used in RV, flat roofs, MARINE, boat, land, garages
Holes: pre-drilled holes
Packing size (cm):74×102×11

4x - Rails
2x - Support legs
6x - Plastic Screws with Nut (Fasten Rails)
4x - set of Screws and Nuts (Fixing Panel)

Reference: EFAAFRAME28IN
Barcode: 4895251601412

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