Ecoflow WAVE 2 Wifi battery powered inverter air conditioner


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EcoFlow WAVE 2 portable air conditioner 8 hours low noise comfort 44bB

The EcoFlow WAVE 2 portable air conditioner is a compact yet powerful cooling solution that can cool rooms up to 25 square meters with 6,000 BTUs of cooling power. With only 44bB of noise it is ideal for use at any time. It is light and portable, which makes it easy to transport it to different rooms or to take with you when you travel. The air conditioner also has a programmable timer, LED display and remote control (via app) for easy use.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Ecoflow
Model: Wave 2
Application: Ecoflow (Android and iOS)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4G Wifi only
Dimensions: 518 × 297 × 336 mm
Net weight: Approx 14.5 kg
AC input: 100/240V, 50/60Hz, 820W Max
Solar charging input: 11-60V, 3A, 400W max.
Car charging port: 96W/192W (12/24V, 8A max.)
Additional battery power: 700W max.
Noise level: 44-56dB
Soda/Quantity: R290/130g
No-drain function: Supported (in cooling state)
Cooling area: ≤ 10 ㎡ / 107.6ft²
IP rating: IPX4
Cooling input power rating (AC/DC): 550W/495W
Maximum cooling power (AC/DC): 820W/700W
Cooling capacity: 1500W/5100BTU
Input heating power (AC/DC): 600W/540W
Maximum heating power (AC/DC): 820W/700W
Heating capacity: 1800W / 6100BTU

1x EcoFlow Wave 2
1x exhaust pipe adapter cover A
1x B exhaust pipe adapter cap
1x Exhaust Duct Adapter Cap C
1x exhaust pipe D
1x exhaust pipe E
1x window ventilation board
1x winder and drain tube
1x Safety Instructions
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Warranty Card

Reference: EFWAVE2

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