EcoFlow Wave 2 Combo Portable Air Conditioner + Extra Battery


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Combo EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable air conditioner + additional battery 6,000 BTUs and 1159Wh

With the EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioning + EcoFlow Wave 2 Additional Battery combo you will be able to refresh areas of up to 25m² with a power of 6,000 BTUs for up to 8 hours non-stop.

The air conditioner is silent (44dB) and has a compact and lightweight design so you can easily take it with you on trips. It has a programmable timer, LED display and remote control via the EcoFlow app.

With the addition of the battery, in addition to increasing the time of use, you also transform the air conditioner into a battery with 1159Wh . It has USB-A and USB-C ports to charge other devices.

1x - EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable air conditioner
1x - EcoFlow WAVE 2 Supplementary battery


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