Mechanical combination lock for lockers


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Code lock for lockers with multi-user and single mode

The furniture code lock is ideal for lockers, swing doors and individual drawers. It can be used on wooden, metal and glass doors, with a thickness of 0.6 to 20mm .

It has an ergonomic rotary handle with indicator, with three distinct indicators: open (green), close (red) and change code (blue). The security code consists of 4 digits.

This model also offers the option to add an emergency key , which allows recovery of the secret code if necessary.

The lock can be configured to work in multi-user (public) or single-user (private) mode, depending on the needs of the environment in which it is applied.

With a flat lug and 90º lock, the lock can be installed on left-hand doors (DIN 107). It is accompanied by a strike plate to facilitate installation. There is also an option for straight doors.

Made of PVC, the furniture code lock offers security and convenience for a variety of applications.

Product characteristics:
Model: Mechanical combination lock
Code: 4 digits
Types of operation: multiuser, private
Dimensions: 20 x 83 x 2mm
Wood thickness: 16-20 mm
Metal Thickness: 0.6-1mm
Glass thickness: 5-10mm
Three indicators: Open (green) / Close (red) / Change code (blue)
tab: flat
Closure: 90º
Connection: DIN 107
Material: PVC

1x code lock
1x forehead plate
4x screw
1x key to change mode
2x fixing plate
1x Code Recovery Key

Reference: FCCOMBMEC

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