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The Smartify Portable Lock is the ideal solution to protect your space with ease and peace of mind. Whether traveling, sharing a home or simply reinforcing the security of your environment, this lock is your reliable ally.

Main Features:
Hassle-Free Security: With the Portable Door Lock, you can easily lock your door without the need for keys or when you think someone else might have another key, providing an additional layer of security.

Perfect for Travel: Ideal for hotel rooms , guesthouses and temporary accommodation, this lock offers extra peace of mind when you're away from home. Ensure that only you have access to your room.

Adjustable and Versatile: Compatible with most standard doors and locks, the Portable Lock adapts perfectly to your environment, providing flexibility where you need it most.

Easy to use: Installation is quick and simple, without the need for tools. Just fit the lock onto the door, and you're ready to lock securely.

Prioritize your Safety: Value your peace of mind above all else. With this lock, you control who enters your space.

Additional protection for your security and privacy.
Ideal for those who share a house or temporary accommodation.
Ensure your privacy in hotel rooms and unfamiliar places.
Easy to carry, making it perfect for travel.
Adapts to different types of doors and locks.

Product specifications:
Item weight: 110g
Dimensions: 7 x 2.6 x 15.2 cm

1x Portable Lock
1x Portable Lock Bag
1x Instruction Manual

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