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Bluetooth Gateway - WiFi SmartLife Tuya Smart Hub

Convert Bluetooth Devices into Smart Devices: Use SIG MESH Wireless Gateway via App smart life to easily convert your Bluetooth Mesh devices into smart devices to realize home automation management.

Easy to use: just follow the instructions in the manual and connect the gateway to the Smart Life app in just a few simple steps. Supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices, one gateway can connect up to 30 devices.

App and voice control: Use Alexa / Google Home to control your Bluetooth devices and free your hands. Remote control can also be achieved through the "Smart Life" app without distance limitation.

Stable signal: the gateway uses standard MESH (SIG) network technology. It can cover a radius of up to 8 jumps (approximately 70 * 8 meters in an open space), which the gateway is located in the center.

Excellent performance, stable and reliable, slim design only 65 x 65 x 14 mm, perfectly fits any home design. The kit includes a BLE Bluetooth Gateway + a USB cable for power (power supply not included)

1x Bluetooth Gateway
1x USB cable for power

Reference: HUBWFBL

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