Nedis Extension Cable Lights 3M - XMLE01BK03

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Nedis Extension Cable 3m Lights - Xmle01bk03

The 3 -meter Nedis Extension Cable is an indispensable accessory to enhance the versatility of decorative lights. Designed with reliable quality, it offers a practical solution to widen lighting in various environments. With its 3 meters long, it allows you to place the lights strategically, easily adapting to different spaces and layouts. With this cable, it gains the freedom to create a personalized and versatile luminous atmosphere in any area at your choice.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Nedis
Product: Xmle01bk03
Width: 21 millimeters
Height: 22mm
Depth: 3000 millimeters
Cable Length: 3m
Black color
Material: ABS

1 x Energy Adapter for Outdoor (EU)


Bar code: NDXmle01bk03
Reference: 5412810404483

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