Nuki Bridge - Smart Extension for Nuki Smart Lock (Bluetooth and WiFi)


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Nuki Bridge, Automatic Door Opener with Bluetooth and WiFi , smart extension for Nuki Smart Lock.
WiFi electronic lock, with remote access.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa , Apple HomeKit , Google Assistant .

Convenient online access: with Nuki Bridge, you can access all the functions of your Smart Lock, the electronic home lock, anywhere.
Remote Control: Combined with WiFi Bridge, you can open the door for the other person, pet caretaker or workers even when you are away via Nuki Web or Nuki App.
Smart Home Integration: connect your electronic door lock to all the latest Smart Home services, such as Apple HomeKit , Amazon Alexa or Google Home , to make your life even easier.
Smart Lock: Nuki Bridge acts as a bridge between home Wi-Fi and Smart Lock. Keep track of the current door status and always know exactly whether your main door is open or closed.
Total control: always keep your electric lock under control. In the Nuki application and on the Nuki Web you can find the protocol that allows you to control who closed the door.

Barcode: 9120072082337 | 9120072082122

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