Nuki Universal Cylinder - Smart Lock


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Come discover one new modular solution with the universal cylinder which is simple and easy to lengthen or shorten for the right size!

There is 33 cylinder dimensions possible in the world that make the Nuki Universal Cylinder compatible with almost all forms of security in Europe.
This one Euro profile cylinder stands for security class highest possible ever observed ( SKG*** naming) , where it offers maximum protection against break-ins and manipulations, and with the emergency function integrated, the door can still be locked from the outside with the key after installing the Nuki Smart Lock inside the door.

This is the perfect panic cylinder for your Nuki Smart Lock.

set that includes 6 strengths:
1. Easy to customize
2. Security card against unauthorized copying of keys
3. Highest safety mark SKG***
4. Emergency function
5. Increased puncture resistance thanks to PUMA (Hard) Steel U-clip
6. Stainless steel (with PUMA steel insert)

✓ Developed exclusively for nuki

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in a powerful cylinder like this one that you can use in Nuki Smart Lock which gives you greater security in the face of break-ins and manipulations in your home, with a good emergency function!

Applicable dimensions with cylinder:

interior dimension
Outer Dimension
32mm 30mm
37mm 32.5mm
42mm 35mm
50 mm
52.5 mm

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