Nuki Keypad - Smart Keyboard with code


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Keypad Nuki Smart Lock magnification can be used with any Smart Lock. The keypad is managed by the Nuki app and with the Nuki Bridge, you can also map 6-digit passcodes on the go.
Always there - forgot your smartphone, no battery, nothing happens. Keypad Nuki is always where you need it. Right in front of your door. The code lock is IP65 certified and therefore dust and water resistant.
Easy for everyone - the lock is ideal for people without a smartphone. But it is also a good support if the battery is unexpectedly drained or the smartphone is lost.
Easy to mount - Keypad Nuki mounts to the outside of the entryway. Anyone can set up Keypad in a few minutes. It charges two button cells and there are no cables to connect.
Safety and Convenience - Each Keypad can store up to 99 different keystrokes at the same time. 6-digit access codes and encrypted communication ensure maximum security.

Powered by two CR2032 batteries (included).

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