Nuki Opener - Electronic lock for apartment buildings



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Nuki Opener, electronic lock for apartment buildings, controls your intercom with the smartphone, opening automatic.

Open Automatic Ports: Nuki Opener makes the physical key unnecessary in apartment buildings. The opening system allows you to control the intercom with the smartphone and opens the door as soon as you get home.

Smarter access: with the combination Nuki Opener and Nuki Smart Lock You don't need a physical key at the building door or home door: Nuki opens automatically when you get home and close it safely when you leave. The current opener also works perfectly with the new Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro.

Requires the Nuki Bridge: Keep in mind that a Nuki Bridge is needed to use the opener correctly. This combination also blocks the main entrance door at a distance.

Easy to install: Since all Nuki products can install the opener very easily. In the Nuki application, you can find a detailed automatic system installation guide.

Greater comfort: do you touch the door of your apartment building and don't want to get up to open? No problem: With Nuki Opener you can comfortably open the door of your apartment building with your smartphone.


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