Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 - Digital Smart Lock


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Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, intelligent door lock without conversion, retrofit electronic lock, digital lock with automatic lock, white.

Automatic opening – With Smart Lock 3.0, you can use your smartphone as a key to automatically access your home safely and in total comfort.
Auto Unlock and Lock'n'Go – With this digital door lock's automatic lock, the door opens and closes when entering and leaving the house, without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.
Smart Lock 3.0: with its smart functions and possibilities for adaptation, this smart electronic lock is perfect for getting started in the world of the home.
Easy Installation: The automatic lock installs in a few minutes, no drilling or screwing required, it is invisible from the outside and can be removed without leaving a mark.
Maximum security – The security standards of this smart home device are equivalent to today's online banking, according to independent experts and security institutes.

Barcode: 9120072082122 | 9120072082344

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