Omnitec Keysafe Intelligent Key Lock via Pin Code or Bluetooth


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Omnitec Smart Keyfob Smart Lock replacement for Bluetooth and Wifi via gateway

KEYSAFE is a security safe for keys, managed and controlled by Omnitec's Rent&Pass system.

Designed for accommodations where you don't want to modify the door lock , the KEYSAFE is easily installed hanging from the door handle or fixed to the wall.

Created for tourist apartments, small hotels without 24-hour reception, apart-hotels and real estate agencies, KEYSAFE's functionality simplifies management for the owner and improves the guest's experience.

The owner maintains full control over the electronic keys and codes sent to each guest, being able to send new keys electronic mails , modify existing ones or cancel them at any time through your administration application.

Once codes and electronic keys expire or are deleted, the guest will not be able to open the key vault until they receive another valid key.

Place the keys or the card inside the KEYSAFE and, via the Rent&Pass application, send the guest a PIN code and/or an Electronic Key to be opened via Bluetooth.

Receive the PIN code and/or Electronic Key on your smartphone and, upon arrival at the accommodation, open the key safe and take the key or card that the owner has deposited.


  • Code and Electronic Key with validity adapted to the reservation: permanent, temporary, cyclical, by time or for a single opening.
  • Opening alerts configurable by the administrator.
  • Anti-spy code, accepts up to 10 digits before and 10 digits after. Opening, canceling credentials and remote auditing through connection via Gateway.
  • Sturdy, impact-resistant housing.

Technical Features:

Brand: Omnitec
Exterior dimensions: 195mm X 66mm X 42mm
Interior dimensions: 60mm x 35mm
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Power: 4x AAA Batteries
Weight: 1.2Kg

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