Petoneer Cozy Sofa with Adjustable Temperature - Smart Wifi

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Petoneer Cozy Sofa - Smart bed for your pet

Have you ever heard of a smart bed suitable for your pet to feel comfortable while resting?
This Petonner brand product brings comfort to your pet, and is suitable for animals weighing up to 15 kg!
You can control the device through the Petoneer Cozy Sofa app!

Next, you will find out more information about its features:
1. Thermoregulation function
The Cozy Sofá was designed for your pet to have good temperature conditions, be it Cat or Dog, in the Summer season , in which the hot climate can project discomfort for him and in the Autumn or Winter season, the low temperatures can bother you with the cold. That's why this bed is equipped with a thermoregulation function so that the temperature is always adapted to the weather conditions!
The use of high quality materials ensures good heat conduction and the built-in sensor monitors the temperature in real time. In addition, you can adjust the temperature by 9°C (heating) or 12°C (cooling). Then, the built-in high-precision sensor can speed up sofa heat control in record time !
Even though it's on 24 hours a day, the sofa only consumes 24 degrees of electricity a day, so your electricity bills will be reduced!

2. Wireless connection
For greater control, the sofa can utilize a wireless connection with the WiFi and Bluetooth module, which offers convenient setup and allows faster transfer of Bluetooth credentials to the WiFi network. With the connection between WiFi and Bluetooth, you can enrich the setting experience!

3. Quiet operation, low power consumption
You don't have to worry about a noisy operation of the sofa, capable of disturbing your pet, because, the design and ergonomics of the air passages parallel with the urboventilador running, it makes almost no noise, so the PN- 110031-01 operates at ≤33 dB. Therefore, it is a silent operation, which consumes about 1 kWh in 4 days (depending on each situation)
The air duct design works in parallel with the silent Turbofan , without disturbing the animals' comfortable and peaceful sleep.

4. Sophisticated in every way
The gel mat is designed to make your bed as comfortable as possible. A rug suitable for heating , which provides pleasant warmth on hot days. High-quality materials ensure durability and strength, while the design sits within a modern interior.
In addition, the LED indicator will provide the most important information about the device's operation, so you can always be in the know!

5. Control and monitoring anywhere, anytime!
Automatic Constant Thermal Control:

The bed will automatically adjust to a suitable temperature after starting.
Thermal control manual:
You can manually adjust the temperature from 20 to 38 °C.
According to your pet's sleeping routine, the timer will automatically turn the sofa on or off at a set time.


Curiosity about the product:
Cool and heat Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3), which is a gray powder compound of bismuth and tellurium, also known as bismuth(III) telluride, which binds to an antimony or selenium, making it an efficient thermoelectric material for the management of portable energy.
The built-in thermoelectric cooling unit (TEC) uses the Peltier effect to switch to a pollution-free record. The unit transfers the temperature to the panel with a high quality aluminum plate with thermal conductivity of 30 cm in diameter and 2 mm thick , in which, the Condensation may occur during recording due to temperature drop.

The Petoneer Cozy Sofa gives every family sustainable happiness and peace of mind! Petoneer has a healthy, sustainable and low energy cost philosophy with the protection and comfort of your animal !

What are you waiting for to invest in a sofa that brings comfort to your pet? You can control the temperature of the bed , with a wireless connection, silent operation, and a sophistication in every aspect!

Suitable for small dogs and cats weighing up to 15 kg

Product Specifications:
Brand: Petoneer
Name: Petoneer Cozy Sofa
Model: PN-110031-01
Connection: WiFi (2.4GHz)
App: Petoneer / SmartLife / Tuya
Material: PP (polypropylene)
Power: DC 5V / 3A
Power interface: USB C
Approximate weight: 3.1 kg
Dimensions: 43.4 x 43.1 x 29.6 cm

1 x Cozy Sofa
1 x Gel Mat
1 x USB-C Cable (1.2 m)
1 x 5V/3A AC Adapter
4 x Wooden foot

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