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Smart Odor Eliminator- Petoneer Smart Odoor Eliminator Pro!

The Petoneer Smart Odoor Eliminator Pro makes your home clean and smelling good quickly and effectively!
It's nice to have a pet with you at home, isn't it? However, the house always has the odor of your pet, which worries you when receiving people at home. Don't worry about it anymore, as the Petoneer Odor Eliminator mitigates the odors that your cat, dog or other animal has in your home.
This device makes your bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, with a soft smell.
This small model can be placed anywhere in your home whenever necessary, as it offers you a complete improvement in the smell of each room in your house with the 360º work mode , disinfecting and cleaning the room every second. , or when your pet is inside it , with the infrared sensor .
This device has a built-in 2600mAh long-lasting rechargeable internal battery that lasts up to 7 days on a single charge. The oxygen decomposition process neutralizes and breaks down odor molecules, inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the air clean and fresh. Then, the scavenger works 24 hours a day, emitting for 15 seconds, and purifies the odor, such as bacteria and dust in the air.
This device can be used in more everyday scenarios , such as shoe racks, wardrobes, cupboards, and refrigerators, and can be spread throughout the space, and decomposed to reduce bad smell. It can destroy bacteria's cell wall, inhibit bacterial reproduction and prevent bacterial infection.
The deodorizer is suitable for 0.125 m3 spaces , and can work in various litter boxes, such as semi-closed and closed cat litter, top entry cat litter and automatic litter box.
You will no longer have to worry about the smell of your home, whether or not you have an animal present, as this device cleans, disinfects and transforms the smell of your home into something softer, in a fresh and natural environment !

Product Specifications:
Brand: Petoneer
Name: Smart Odor Eliminator Pro
odor eliminator
360º work mode
Sterilize and deodorize
Transmits every 15 seconds
infrared sensor
Use space: 0.125 m3
Application: Petoneer / Tuya / SmartLife
Battery: Lithium Battery
Capacity of 2600 mAh
Usage time: up to 7 days
Power: 0.35W / DC 3.4V~4.2V
Usage temperature: 0ºC ~ 40ºC
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.3 cm
Weight: 121g
Color white

1 x Petoneer Smart Odor Eliminator Pro Odor Eliminator
1 x Metal Bracket
1 x Adhesive Holder
1 x USB Type-C to USB Cable
1 x Quick Start Manual


Barcode: 6930460006691
Reference: PTODORPRO

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