Shelly 1 Plus - WiFi/BT module

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Shelly 1 Plus Module Smart Wi-Fi, 1 Channel, 16A

Control a wide range of appliances and office equipment (lights, outlets, safety systems, heating radiators, air conditioning, irrigation system, etc.) from anywhere, with this reduced WiFi -controlled relay switch.
It is small enough to fit behind a switch or wall outlet, the Shelly Plus 1 automates your old switches and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.
Make any light switch on a smart switch with Shelly Plus 1 and control it through your phone or voice assistant. Use the shelly app to define automated scenes based on the sun or sunset / sunrise. 
Combine it with other smart devices from your home network! 
Easily automate the door of your garage and control it, no matter where you are Shelly Plus 1 can work at 12 V DC or 24-240 V DC, which makes it perfect for garage port control.
-Wi-Fi connection-connects directly to your Wi-Fi network. No hub is required!
Has Bluetooth - Add devices quickly and easily via Bluetooth connection, using the Shelly Cloud app;
1 Low voltage support-works with 12vdc, 24-240vdc or 110-240vac:
Extremely fast processor - ESP32;
Electrical Protection - Protected against overheating;
- Enhanced security - MQTT and W55 support, TL5 and custom certificate support;
Improved API interface.



Product characteristics:
Module / relay / relay / Relay / Shelly 1 plus switch:
- Food AC: 110-230 V + 10%, 50/60 Hz
- DC Food. 24 - 240V / 12V stabilized
- Dry contacts! Yes
- Against overheating: yes
- Overload Protection: No
- Power measurement: no
- Working without a neutral line: no
- http/https webhooks. Yes
- Personalized scripts (m] s): yes
- Channels: 1 channel
- Maximum load: 154
- Operating temperature: O • C A + 40 P C
- Device energy consumption: D1 W
- On/Smart off. Yes
- Local and remote control; Yes
- Born from the sun / pad of the sun. Yes
- Weekly time: yes
- Option listed by UL. No
- Wi-Fi Protocol: B02, 11 B/O/N
- Wi -Fi Radio Frequency: 2412 - 2484 MHz
- Potent from the 1MW Wi-Fi Radio Signal
- reach wi-fi? up to 50 Map air and up to 30 m indoors (depending on building materials
- Bluetooth: Yes
- Sizes: 41 mm x 36 mm x 15 mm

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