Shelly 1L - WiFi Module

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Shelly 1L Smart WiFi Sword Module 

Module to place behind wall switches.
Convert any existing wall switch into a smart switch without changing the cablelage or passing new cables with Shelly 1L.
The first device in the world capable of automating even in connections without neutral presence. Thanks to its small size and wide range of
Tension, it's a real innovation!
Has a built -in web server
Is designed for installation in a limited space, such as wall switches
It can function as an independent device, as an accessory for a residential automation controller, or can be used as another automation system component
You can control any other Wi-Fi device in your home

Product characteristics:
Module / relay / relay / Relay / Shelly Switch 1l:
- AC Food: 110-230 V + 10%, 50/60 Hz
- DC Food: No
- Device temperature protection: yes
- Overload Protection: No
- Power measurement: no
- Dimmer Function: No
- Working without a neutral line: yes
- Channels: 1 channel
- Maximum load: 4.1a (SA for short operation)
- Minimum load - no neutral connected, with bypass: none
- Minimum load - no neutral connected, without bypass: 20W resistive load
- Minimum load - with neutral connected: none
- Operational Temperature: Da + 40º €
- Device energy consumption: <1 W
- Smart on / off: yes
- Local and remote control: yes
- Sun Sunrise: Yes
- Weekly time: yes
- Option listed by UL: No
- Supported load type: with and without neutral
- Capacity: engine start condensers, generators
- Inductive: LED lights, transformers, fans, engines
- Resistive: lights, electric heaters
- Radio signal power: imw
- Connectivity: Wireless/WiFi Protocol: 802.11 B/9/N
- Radio frequency: 2400 - 2484 MHz
- Dimension: 42 mm x 36 mm x 14 mm

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