Shelly 1pm Pro - WiFi/BT/LAN module

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Shelly Pro 1pm - Wi -Fi / Bluetooth / LAN module 

The 1pm Shelly Pro 1pm is a 1 channel single -phase relay that supports up to 16A and is equipped with an integrated power meter that allows me to measure the precise consumption of all lights (or more powerful appliances) that are connected to it.
This relay can be powered by a wide range of tensions (110-240v AC / 12V DC) and has Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, suitable for residential automation, remote electrical installation control and precise management of power consumption.
Different types of actions, scenarios and times can be defined to synchronize your environment with your daily activities or business needs. Additional personalized automation is also possible thanks to scripting features, giving you the ability to customize and improve device features based on your specific needs.
It has enhanced safety features and is compatible with the most commonly used residential automation platforms.

Product characteristics:
Module / relay / relay / Relay / Shelly 1pm Pro:
Alternate current: 110-240v AC +- 10%, 50/60Hz
Continuous current: 12V DC +- 10% (250m)
Consumption: <3 W
No. of contacts (channels): 1
Maximum load @230V AC: 16a
Dry contacts: no
Special Functions:
Protection against overheating: yes
Overload Protection: Yes
Power measurement: yes
Driver section:
Food and Switches: 0.5 - 1.5mm^2
Exit Contacts: 0.5 - 2.5mm^2
Webhooks http / https: yes
Personalized Scripts (MJS): Yes
URL Actions: 20
Intelligent turn / off: yes
Local and remote control: yes
Sunrise sunset: yes
Weekly time: yes
Types: LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Wi-Fi Protocol: 802.11 B/G/N
Wi -Fi Frequency: 2412 - 2472 MHz
Radio signal power: 1mw
Wi-Fi range: up to 50m outdoors and up to 30m indoors (depending on building materials)
Bluetooth: Yes
Ethernet: Yes
Other features:
Montable in Din's Gutter
Operating Temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° €
Dimensions (Axlxc): 68.5 x 18.5 x 89.5 mm

Reference: SH1PMPro
Bar Code: 3800235268018

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